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Management Model

Management Model

More balanced financial policy.

Forced by the business model and mainly by the distribution of dividends, leverage must be low, 40 to 50% Approx. for society to be attractive to shareholders. This provides an enhanced security and stability.

Company Reputation Evolution, adaptation, changes. 

The company group has been characterized always by the constant evolution within the property market.SOCIMIS model represents a further step in this evolution.

Availability of a continuous appraisal of the company.

The value of society can be seen both in the revenue they generate dividend distributions and appreciation of the value of the shares. 

A good guideline for valuation of such societies is the NAV divided by the number of common shares outstanding. The net asset value per share is the most used for determining the value of the shares. 

Discipline in management. 

Professionalism, commitment, control. The efficient management of the portfolio of product, cost control mark for good or bad the future of the SOCIMIS

Independence and financial autonomy 

The model based on the debt has reached its end. Therefore, the only outlet for raising capital is through investors. The system of SOCIMIS not only gives profitability through fiscal policy but also grants a security and control over its management. 

Decreased risk profile. 

The decrease in the risk profile is determined, first, by reducing the leverage of the property and the other backed by a diversified portfolio of product. The variability of market returns over time and in all economic sectors shows that diversification is key to long-term investment success. 

Shares liquidity. 

The SOCIMIS are essentially vehicles for public investment is quoted on the Stock Exchange. Currently in the markets as the U.S., are highly liquid, unlike traditional real estate investments. In effect, the investor can buy  and sell these assets with great simplicity and low cost in the capital market. Today, the liquidity is assured.