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In CORE Investments, the Research team is responsible for directing, coordinating, collecting and reporting on relevant facts affecting the market trends for each of the subsectors that represent our products logistics, commercial and offices.

For this, the Research team monitors and analyzes current major European markets by studying the main economic parameters and working in six major blocks:


Delegations which CORE Investments has established in major European markets allow their consultants to make close monitoring of the bid by a detailed record of the existing stock, the stock under pipeline and absorption.


The Heads of product demand forecasts made by modeling the behavior of the needs of each product. This will parameterize the main specific drivers and convergence corrections are applied to mature markets that are used as reference.


Once you know the existing stock and pipeline of future products, the Research team makes the comparison of data with forecasts of demand. This allows the detection of mismatches between supply and demand and hence the prediction of the evolution of the income from the state of the cycle in each market for each product.


In each market, geographical study is made which includes information on current and future state, infrastructure, traffic and freight flows, growth sectors of the agglomeration, population densities and consumption, and so on. This information is managed in a graphic-numerical way and target areas of interest are located in which there will be an active search to consolidate investment.


Through continuous contact of the Consultants with major operators and customers, it´s achieved a broad knowledge of the foundations of your business, what their competitive strategies to anticipate and advise and implement fast and flexible solutions that solve their changing needs.


The growing social awareness to global issues is essential in the reaction of economic and social actors. CORE Investments is attentive to these problems and adapt to solve new social concerns. In that line is the introduction of renewable energy projects in its parks to meet the demand for projects environmentally friendly and sustainable energy.